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Panic Attacks Program

I feel dizzy...I can't breathe...I feel kind of spacey, funny, and unreal... All eyes are on me now, I might lose it!!! Panic often arises unpredictably and as a result, panic-prone individuals live in dread! They then try to avoid any situation where they might feel vulnerable. When panic strikes there is an overwhelming feeling of terror and loss of control. Dizziness, weakness, shortness of breath, feeling flushed or faint, or even feeling detached (where everything appears unreal). This in itself is frightening. Is that you? Now imagine going into a panic inducing situation and knowing how to cope? Imagine knowing how to regulate your body's reactions and feeling control? Imagine feeling free of the fear of the fear? I can help you with this dreadful, sickening experience and make your panic attacks history. Imagine living life to its fullest and be the confident person you were born to be...! Sign up for the 'Make Panic Attacks History' program today!

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Weight Management Package

We could all author books about diets and how to lose weight if we wanted to. We all know that being overweight costs us our health and self-esteem. So why do we overeat at meals? Why do we eat when stressed or emotional? Why are we so addicted to sugar or chocolates? My package helps you uncover the roots of your problem, identify the sabotaging thoughts, and then use the many tools I have (including virtual gastric banding and stomach stapling) to help you get to a healthy weight.

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Fears and Phobias

Do you dread holidays as it would mean taking a flight? Do you take the stairs because you don’t want to use a lift? Do you avoid crowded places? Are you afraid of spiders or dogs? Are you afraid of dying? Find the root cause of your fears and phobias and get rid of them with virtual exposure, where whilst feeling safe in hypnotic trance, we ‘face’ our fears as we work on our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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Smoking Cessation Program

Your rational self knows that it is harmful for you to smoke. Yet why do you still do it? That is why it is necessary to talk to your subconscious mind. Hypnosis can help you quit smoking in one intensive session 3 hours session! It involves some prep and will be followed by listening to an audiotape that I have taped for you. However, if you feel you need continued support over a period of time, the treatment can be delivered in 5 sessions. The advantage here is accountability that you stay on course.

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Worry Reduction Program

Are you constantly worried about the future? Or are you constantly ruminating about the past? I should have… I could have… What if? Whilst rumination is about what has already happened and you constantly rewind and go over it again and again in your tired mind, worry is dread about the future. Worry and over-thinking are the main reasons why you compromise your immune systems due to chronic stress. Learn to manage worry and rumination with the help of intuitive hypnotherapy, CBT and problem solving!

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Social Anxiety Program

Social Anxiety crippling your life? Do you stress for days if you have to speak in public or are invited to a party? Do you feel judged in public? Do crowds bother you? Have people called you shy all of your life? Do you feel that you have to smoke or have a drink before you can ‘face’ a party? Do you avoid social situations to avoid being the centre of attention which is embarrassing for you? Do you feel as if everyone is looking at you and criticising you? Release your stuck emotions and live your best life.

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Self Esteem Package

The basis for most problems is the lack of self-esteem. A person might seem confident, be famous even, but might suffer from a lack of self-worth. Does your inner critic say nasty things about you? Does it dismiss your wins and reminds you of your lacks? Do you feel enough? The key is to recognise your insecurities, allow them to come to the surface, investigate their roots and then learn to nurture yourself ... I can help you at every step of this process, so that you step into the rest of your life with healthy self-confidence.

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Trauma Release Program

Past traumas are like chains holding you back from living your best life. There are big traumas called Big T moments or little ones called small t moments… yet they leave scars that guide your behaviour potentially for the rest of your life if you don’t process them properly. A lot of what we absorb in childhood has been perceived and processed by a child… with a child’s limited understanding. That inner child is still there and your adult, rational self looks on helplessly as the inner child gets triggered and reacts. I can help you release those stuck emotions with the help of EMDR and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (or if you allow) Past Life Regression Therapy.

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Anger Management Program

Anger destroys relationships! It becomes a problem when it is out of control and is not only affecting you but also your loved ones. Is anger your go-to emotion whenever you feel overwhelmed? What triggers you? Why? What is the basic fear underlying your out-of-control emotions? We will find the roots of your anger and learn to practice the pause and use the mind/ body alliance to work on… giving you the sense of control and coping mechanisms to remain calm in all situations.

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Pregnancy Package

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for many reasons. First pregnancies, a pregnancy after a miscarriage, pregnancy in later life, or even a pregnancy when you already have older kids to look after, excessive vomiting in the first trimester, weight gain leading to a loss of confidence… the variations are endless and can add to the anxiety. Hypnotherapy is a great way to relax, bond with the unborn child, prepare yourself for the actual labour and finally deal with the stresses of dealing with a new baby. Not only does it help the mother but the baby too, as research shows that a mother’s emotions not only affect a newborn but affect the foetus in the womb.

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IVF Cycle Support

Handling stress is a big factor during IVF treatments. Hypnotherapy helps clients mentally, physically, and emotionally to prepare for IVF cycles. It not only helps reduce their stress levels significantly, it helps change limiting beliefs, addresses fears, builds tools and enhances inner resources . It also prepares them to handle any outcome and to feel empowered and strong, irrespective of the results. The core sessions are timed to coincide with each step of the IVF cycle.

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Dealing With Miscarriage Grief

Sometimes a client may come in ostensibly for another problem and many a session in, you uncover a miscarriage that has been buried somewhere in the psyche. For some, it might be recent but for others it could be twenty years ago even… Buried because no one understood the depth of your loss. You might have gone back to work the very next day because your boss expected you to, and you minimized your loss as ‘no big deal.’ You might have acted as if nothing had happened when inside you felt wounded and empty. People might have said, ‘Oh, you can have another one, you are young and healthy!’ or, ‘you have other children… be strong for them! ‘Hypnotherapy is highly effective in dealing with these buried feelings of grief and loss!
1 powerful 2-hour session

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Grief and Loss

Hypnosis with CBT can help you reduce the unbearable intensity of your grief and create a peaceful place to find solace, even for a short time… it can help you accept that there are different ways of grieving and it is okay to take your time… it allows you to access the beautiful memories and helps you let go and move on without attached guilt. It will help you to be kind to yourself and hold yourself in self-compassion.

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Are you dreading bedtime tonight? Has disturbed sleep cost you... in terms of focus, mood, or memory? Do you find yourself snapping at loved ones due to irritability brought on by the lack of sleep? Do you want to feel yourself again? Rested, rejuvenated, refreshed? Sign up to my 'Sleep Now!' program where I combine CBT and Clinical Hypnosis to help you look forward to a well-earned rest at the end of the day.

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Super Session

A deadline is looming, and we feel overwhelmed and mentally unprepared. We are scared and we are stressed. What can we do last minute that can help us be strong and ready in a couple of hours? I am offering a 2-hour intensive session to get you the immediate help you need. It could be a presentation, a big event, a flight you need to take, an important exam or a driving test… I am here to help.

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